What this blog is. What it isn’t.

Hello.  My name is Jake and…I love Baseball.  I love Baseball to the near point of frightful obsession.  I love the pace, the history, the team mentality combined with individuality: but, we’ll get into all this later.  What I just want to say in this first post is what this blog will be(I hope) and what it will not.  This blog was created to talk and contemplate about the greatest game ever conceived by man, and probably extra-terrestrial.  I hope to discuss all facets of the game and all the game’s facets.

What I don’t want to do is be a stats blogger.  I have no special expertise in the field of Sabermetrics nor do I especially care to.  I know what FIP, WHIP and all the others mean, but I don’t intend for this blog to go into the minutiae of Troy Tulowitzki’s UZR rating, although it does appear to be below average this season.  All what I can hope for with this blog is that I enjoy writing it, and maybe a couple people enjoy reading it (Hi Mom).  So how about enough of the opening pitch, and let’s get on with the game.

I’ll see you at the Ballpark.


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